Michelle Broderick, Senior Academic Research Analyst, Planning & Budget

Michelle joined the University in 2000 and has held a number of key analytical positions in central planning departments. She joined VPUO in late 2014 when her position with the Vice Provost Faculty & Academic Life was transferred to Planning & Budget.

During her career with the University, Michelle has become the “go to” person for analytics on faculty complement. She has developed an expert level knowledge of HRIS and academic appointment data which is key to her success in overcoming the significant challenges with pulling analytical data together from a system designed primarily to manage payroll functions. Michelle maintains the highest of standards in her work and ensures that her analyses are both accurate and meet the needs of the requestor. She takes the time to work with colleagues and stakeholders to understand their needs and to ensure that they fully understand results.

Finally, Michelle is one of the most positive and friendly people we have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is always willing to help and to go that extra step to ensure that her colleagues feel welcome and supported. She takes the initiative to organize staff events so that her colleagues can connect and network with each other and mentors new staff as they transition into the department. To reduce barriers for new staff, she maintains a very helpful list of acronyms for the University. Michelle’s dedication to quality & results and her willingness to collaborate make a significant contribution to the strength of the University.

Congratulations, Michelle!


Gloria Cuneo, Director, Faculty, Residential & Student Family Housing, Ancillary Services

Gloria has worked in Ancillary Services for over 12 years, but has many years of prior service elsewhere at the University, including at Innis College. She is one of the most organized, collegial and diligent managers we have ever met at the University – and she is also incredibly committed to our students. Gloria does particularly impressive work in crisis situations and in situations involving challenging people. She is calm, patient, empathetic, but always works with the best interests of the University, and our department, in mind. She takes time to recognize the contribution of her team members, participates in broad institutional initiatives, and despite her busy schedule, is always available to help colleagues who might need her to cover an “on-call” shift, or are just looking for her excellent advice. Gloria is a wonderful University citizen and we are lucky to have her in University Operations!”

Congratulations, Gloria!


Freda Opassinis, Caretaking, Facilities & Services

Freda is the first Contact for Caretaking Services. She has constantly adapted and evolved in the position most exceptional is her ability to always answer the phone with a smile and calmly assist: be it an irate staff member looking for a square of toilet paper, a student who has lost their passport and their flight home is tonight or faculty whose lights are flickering and can’t concentrate. Freda has spent 40 of her 42 years at the University as the Secretary of Caretaking Services. Through this commitment to the department Freda has evolved with and supported the constant change that is part of University life. She has developed tracking procedures and processes to return identifiable lost items to their rightful owner, be that a phone call, email, snail mail or returning documents to an issuing agency. She has trained the team and those that cover her desk to follow this process. Most recently Freda took on the project of revamping the database for the Carpet Care program, this daunting task of identifying the square footage in and of all carpeted rooms in all buildings across campus has provided the department with a report that is easily maintained while providing timely and accurate information for Caretaking’ s clients.

Congratulations, Freda!


Patrick Boal, Information Technology Specialist, ITS

As one of the original members of the AMS/SAP team established in 1995, Patrick has seen it all!  From the hair-raising experience of implementing SAP in advance of Y2K, to the implementation of the more recent applications for Research Services, Patrick has provided the team with a calm and steady-hand when facing some of our most serious challenges.  He is a highly skilled SAP Project Leader and has a deep understanding of SAP.  He has worked on many of our most successful projects over the years. When asked to comment on Patrick’s contributions, the Assistant Vice President, Research Services & CAO, Judith Chadwick, had this to say: “…Patrick Boal has over the past five years demonstrated every quality one could hope for in a leader and colleague at the UofT.  His technical knowledge, familiarity with the complexity of the University’s organizational and systems structures, and strategic operational insights have been invaluable in maintaining momentum on critical change projects that support the University’s research enterprise.  His gentle, unassuming manner, professional generosity and warm sense of humour are a lovely complement to the unfailing dedication and determination he displays in his work.  It has been and continues to be a privilege and a pleasure to work closely with Patrick.  He makes the UofT a better place.”

Patrick’s long time service, dedication to the University, quirky sense of humour, and willingness to help out anyone in need, make him the ideal candidate for a distinguished service award.”

Congratulations, Patrick!


Ana Maria Capotosto, Administrative Assistant, Grounds, Facilities & Services

Ana Maria has worked at the University of Toronto for 30 years.  In her current role as Administrative Assistant to the Grounds Manager, Ana Maria has demonstrated traits such as honesty, integrity, compassion and, when necessary, courage to speak her mind. She double checks all her information before submitting it. She remains cheerful in all circumstances and is able to adapt to any situation.

Throughout her career, Ana Maria has strived for excellent Customer Service. She is meticulous in her details and follows up with all requests. She answers calls for Campus Moving when staff is not available; she schedules emergency jobs as needed. She keeps track of all tools and supplies within multiple departments. Ana Maria is extremely dependable. She completes all her work on time and with the meticulous detail. If unforeseen circumstances develop, such as a TTC disruption, she will do what is necessary to ensure her work is done on time.

Ana Maria even oversees departmental pot luck lunches.  She brings in garden fresh vegetables from home and organizes the crew in preparing the food. All the employees depend on her and respect her.

Congratulations, Ana Maria!

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