UniForum data is your data. Almost 900 staff participate in each data collection, gathering and submitting data on the services and activities provided by both our suppliers and our employees. In addition, the biennial Service Effectiveness Survey looks at end-users’ satisfaction levels with our core services, polling ≈4000 faculty and staff who have worked for the university for at least 6 months.

Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of the UofT community, the UniForum@UofT team seeks to proactively collaborate with divisions who are ready for change, supporting them and their transformation projects with UniForum data.

What data is available to me?

UofT has completed four UniForum data collections since 2018/19. The UniForum@utoronto.ca team is working closely with divisional leaders, providing data “deep dives” around activities performed by university staff and supplier/contracted labour to help them gain insights into the allocation of services. Three Service Satisfaction Surveys have been completed to date, which allow divisions to better understand any gaps in relative satisfaction with services deemed important by survey participants.

Case Studies

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