Congratulations to all!



What does a great partnership look like?  Look no further than the collaboration between EASI Business Intelligence and Planning & Budget in creating a new community of Business Intelligence allies across the university. Over the past year, this multitalented team implemented a tool called Tableau for self-serve data visualizations, developed a training program, and successfully collaborated on dozens of data projects such as Student Success Factors in the Career Centre. With over 100 staff now creating Tableau dashboards and 1000+ people interacting with data – excitement and momentum for “more data” continues to grow across UofT.  Congratulations team!

  • Kelly Raposo 
  • Alexandra Agostino 
  • Anton Kruger
  • Louise Tardif
  • Diana Avon
  • Yuliya Cherevko 
  • Robbie Liang
  • Andy Chien
  • Michael Green
  • Brenda Boshoff 
  • Christine Beckermann
  • Janis Dombrovskis
  • Joanne Peng
  • Melissa Lao


CERN team

CERN, the European organization for Nuclear Research recently invited outsiders to hack their environment – in a very controlled and ethical manner. This was called the White Hat Challenge and two members of ISEA, Allan Stojanovic and David Auclair,  organized the event and participated along with a group of information security professionals.  They spent a week trying to gain access to CERN systems – this is the kind of thing you might see in a movie.  In the end, they managed to find a vulnerability and crack the system.  CERN gained information critical to protecting their system, and we gained experience and exposure for the University of Toronto.  Well done!

  • Allan Stojanovic 
  • Dave Auclair 


O365 team

The implementation of Office 365 for faculty and staff is an extraordinary achievement. Staff from ITS and IT units from across the University worked diligently and collegially through multiple technical and organisational challenges to bring these new collaboration and communication tools to the faculty and staff. This implementation is the culmination of over four years of dedicated effort. Although challenging at times, the team accomplished their goals and received many glowing comments for their customer-centricity, and technical prowess. This is certainly a project in which the team take pride. Congratulations!

  • Ian Thomas
  • Vicki Vokas
  • Hong Zhu 
  • Luke Sutherland
  • Peter Ip
  • Selena Panchoo
  • Chloe Payne
  • Melvin Chien
  • Maryam Shafiei 
  • Marden Paul
  • Megan Badley
  • Waleed Chaudhary 
  • Seth Feldman
  • Aline Pruvot 


 SIF Project Managers, Design & Engineering and F&S Staff teams

These people, individually and collectively, contributed to successfully completing the SIF program, which included 56 projects valued at $200M, within the required deadline.

The team includes project managers, F&S staff and Design & Engineering staff—all of whom worked collaboratively together, solved problems creatively as they arose and were effective in achieving the overall success of the project.

Each went beyond doing their jobs well, worked with each other, project teams and other staff, without losing sight of the overall goal.  Collectively there was deep understanding of what was at stake and a willingness to actively and conscientiously help projects move forward.  The SIF project success is directly attributable to these efforts.

  • Keith Foster
  • Paul Savel 
  • Eric Gadsdon 
  • Sandy Habus
  • Thomas Elson
  • Craig Cullen
  • Latchmie Soondarlal 
  • Michael O’Malley
  • Christine Tan
  • Gregory Saldanha 
  • Ted McTavish
  • Steven Carnevale 
  • Doug Colby
  • Irfan Miraj 
  • Valeriya Varnavskaya 
  • Jackson Cheung 
  • Karolina Grujic 
  • Jasmin Dvizac 
  • Milan Cerovina 
  • Peter Solu 
  • Gordan Marinkovic 
  • Robbie Suehiro
  • Graciano Da Ponte 
  • Ben Li
  • Blair Jurecka
  • Adrian Phillips
  • Johnny Terzis
  • Sean O’Molloy
  • Carla Munoz
  • Kian Zehtabchi 
  • Roberta Matarazzo
  • Wing-See Wu    


 Asbestos Operations team

This inter-divisional team has, since March 2016, worked tirelessly and in addition to their own day-to-day responsibilities to collect, understand and share information; to consider, propose and implement new processes and procedures; to communicate to staff, faculty, joint health and safety committees and to University leadership on its activities, actions and initiatives; and to mitigate future risk – all while keeping each other buoyed and supported throughout what began as hourly, then daily, then weekly, then monthly meetings and related tasks. This group is an example of the University’s collaborative approach to problem solving, and the collegiality of our faculties and central services.

  • Elizabeth Church, UT Communications
  • Kate Enros, Office of the Provost
  • Leah Scherk, Faculty of Medicine
  • Irfan Miraj
  • David Cahalin 
  • Heather Taylor, Faculty of Medicine
  • Yang Ting Shek, EHS, VP Research & Innovation
  • Jeremy Knight, Faculty of Medicine
  • Liam Mitchell, Faculty of Medicine

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