Distinguished Service Awards

Congratulations to our winners:

Fatima Costa, Area Manager, Caretaking, Facilities & Services

Fatima started with the University of Toronto more than 26 years ago as a cleaner in the Caretaking Department. Through her hard work and customer service orientation, Fatima has been successively promoted to Lead Hand, Supervisor and Area Manager. When she was transferred to Robarts Library as a new Supervisor, Fatima gained a reputation as being tough but fair and was able to achieve a dramatic improvement in the quality of cleaning in the building.

As a key member of the Caretaking management team, Fatima demonstrates dedication to high cleaning standards, customer service and respect for staff. She has been instrumental in the adoption of green cleaning practices and products that support the University’s commitment to sustainability. Fatima has also been an important resource in the evaluation and adoption of new technologies, such as the robotic floor scrubbers and vacuums, in order to improve operational efficiency within the Caretaking Department.

Sandy Levere, Switchboard & Reception Information Officer, Facilities & Services

Sandy is one of the longest serving employees at the University of Toronto, having started working in the former Physical Plant Department, Safety & Security Division, Fire Section in November 1969. Sandy started with us as a Typist 1.

In her current position as a Switchboard & Reception Information Officer, Sandy is responsible for answering all incoming calls to the University. Sandy also helped promote the University’s commitment to sustainability as she was instrumental in reducing the number of telephone directories and yellow pages used by the University and in promoting the use of the online directory.

After working at the University for almost 48 years, Sandy maintains her positive outlook and cheery disposition. She also continues to bring a strong dedication and diligence to her job, whether that involves dealing with an irate parent or a completely lost and confused student new to the campus.

Diane Lekas, Scheduling Officer, ACE

Diane has worked for the University for 41 years, starting in the Office of Space Management which transformed to Academic+Campus Events.  In her role as a scheduling officer she has helped hundreds of professors and administrative staff find classrooms for hundreds of thousands of courses.  We are currently undergoing a system renewal as our office refreshes the University’s room booking process and Diane is already at the helm working through items the software couldn’t solve.   This wonderful disposition also shows in her interactions with her clients, many counted as friends, who enjoy greatly working with her.

Her intelligence and ability to find solutions for difficult and, all too often, emergency situations without a complaint draws repeated thanks and gratitude from our division’s clients.  Diane is a star.

Margaret Scully, Landscape Technician, Facilities & Services

Margaret is a fixture around Front Campus; rain or shine, hot or cold, she can be seen ensuring that we show to full advantage. She is cheerful, conscientious and clearly takes pride in the University. She never seems to stand still – even while chatting, she will be on the look-out for anything that may be out of place (twigs, garbage, leaves, etc). Even on the darkest, snowiest mornings, she is here before us to clear a path – something much appreciated by all of us.



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