In April, the University of Toronto began its historic Landmark Project, one of the most significant open-space projects at the University in the past 100 years.  Since then, we’ve made significant headway in transforming our downtown campus, most notably preparing the lawn at King’s College Circle for the planned geothermal project.

All major capital projects – especially ones of this size and scope – require some flexibility and problem solving when moving from blueprint to construction. The Landmark project has the added complication of being impacted by the pandemic in ways that are still evolving. Due to unexpected cost increases, the University has decided to redesign certain aspects of the project and we will be releasing the contractor from further work as we consider next steps. Please know that any redesign will honour commitments made and much of the redesign should be unnoticeable.

Over the next few months some construction activities will be re-sequenced as we tweak certain design elements and explore the best construction delivery methods.  Geothermal drilling will resume as soon as a redesigned package available in early September can be awarded to a contractor.

We will update our community as soon as we are able as new information is available. In the meantime, should you have any questions about Landmark, please contact Jacquanline Liu, Project Manager, at

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