The Vice-President Operations & Real Estate Partnerships (OREP) established the annual Staff Recognition Awards Program in 2015 to recognize staff who have made exceptional contributions to the success of their unit, the OREP portfolio and/or the University. The program is an opportunity to honour and thank staff for the valuable work performed throughout the year.

The awards will be presented at the VPOREP Thank You BBQ on August 20 (save the date – details to come!)

Two Award categories are open for nominations between Monday April 1 and Friday May 10, 2024:

The OREP Impact Awards (Individual or Team)

The Impact Award has been designed to recognize individuals or teams who, above and beyond their regular roles and responsibilities, have developed, revised or implemented a system, tool, process, initiative or program, which concluded in the last calendar year, that had a positive impact within their unit or portfolio, or across the University.

To be considered for the award, the nominee(s) must have made an impact in at least one of the following ways:

  • enhanced service delivery;
  • created efficiencies;
  • enhanced productivity;
  • supported sustainability efforts;
  • enhanced the university environment and/or experience; or
  • decreased organizational risks

(Number of awards to be determined annually)

Submit nomination online using the True Blue recognition site.


Any Operations & Real Estate Partnerships employee is eligible to receive these awards. Temporary employees, students, and faculty are not eligible for consideration. Selection of the recipients will be based on the information provided as part of the nomination process. All nominees must be in good standing at the University and have received satisfactory performance reviews. Nominees must be in an active status when the nominations close.

Nomination Process

The initial call for nominations will require completion of the nomination questionnaire. The Selection Committee will review all nomination questionnaires and may then ask for further details for only the top candidates. All nomination materials will remain confidential.

Deadline: Friday, May 10, 2024

Submit nomination online using the True Blue recognition site .



When reviewing nominations, the Selection Committee will look for examples of sustained excellence and strong performance. Consideration will be given to nominees who have made significant contributions and/or possess some or all of the special qualities and attributes as outlined below.

Both awards:

  • Shows initiative (offered a novel problem resolution, for example)
  • Innovative (improving work processes, financial efficiencies, etc)
  • Exceptionally service oriented (within the University and, more specifically, the OREP portfolio)
  • Collaborative (within their unit and/or with other units/divisions)
  • Strong work ethic (dependability, commitment)
  • Acts as mentor and coach

Impact Teams: nominees should be the “A Team” of the group: those who went above and beyond to achieve the goals set out for the project or the initiative. While teams often have members who come and go, or who step in to complete one aspect of the overall project, we want to honour those who were in it for the long haul; those who led without title; and those whom the team could not have succeeded without. Who was the A Team?

Helpful Tips for completing the nomination form:

If you know staff members who perform their jobs in an exemplary manner or work groups/teams that are highly productive, effective and impactful, please nominate them for an award.

In completing the nomination submission please:

  • Be specific – give examples and the details of what your candidate or team/work group has done that meets the selection criteria. Every candidate will not exhibit all of the award-winning characteristics, but you should show how your candidate has many of them.
  • Avoid general statements such as: “the nominee has a pleasant personality,” “the nominee is a seasoned professional,” or “the nominee is always helpful.”
    • Include as much qualitative and quantitative information as you can about the nominee’s work and contributions on behalf of the unit/OREP.
  • If you are nominating a team or group, be sure to list all members and describe how they work collaboratively and impactfully for the benefit of the unit/OREP. The nomination statement should explain the importance of team effort to the group’s overall success.

DEADLINE for nominations is Friday, May 10, 2024

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