Congratulations to all!


Dave Stade has worked at the University for over 30 years, 28 of them in Mail Services. As Lead Hand, he works with his team members to ensure efficient mail delivery — no easy task when mail sometimes arrives addressed only to “Professor John”.  Always first to arrive and last to leave, on those heavy snowfall days, he can be found clearing snow from the loading dock and delivery trucks.

Dave was the architect of increasingly streamlined delivery as the campus grew and staffing levels fluctuated, always maintaining a high level of departmental service.   For his loyalty, leadership and attention to a job well done, Dave is a worthy recipient of a Distinguished Service Award.



Stanley Czernic joined the University more than 32 years ago as a Service Worker Caretaking and rose to the position of Lead Hand Caretaking. He’s always been highly responsive to customer and student concerns.  Frequently, the Caretaking office will receive a service call for Stanley’s area, and when we call him, he’s already working to resolve the issue. Stanley has that rare knack for controlling work flow while staying on top of the day’s events; and in Caretaking, every day is an event.  Stanley’s commitment makes him very deserving of a Distinguished Service Award.



Steve Atkinson joined the University over 38 years ago as a cleaner in Caretaking. Through hard work, Steve rose to become caretaking supervisor. Over time, Steve developed good relationships with key personnel within and outside Facilities and Services. A team player, he supervises caretaking staff at a number of buildings on campus, yet manages to find time to help other supervisors and managers. He consistently produces detailed, high quality work while mentoring and coaching his staff. Applying exemplary work ethics, when he sees a better way of getting things done, he’s quick to bring it forward. Steve can put a team together to handle any challenge.  Steve is very deserving of the Distinguished Service Award.


PAUL READINGS, Ancillary Services

Paul Readings has been a trusted and beloved General Manager of the Chestnut Residence for the last 15 years. He has been an exceptional role model, for which no detail was too small, and who was always there for his team. Although he has just retired from the University, in the months leading up to his departure he worked even harder to advance numerous important projects, to ensure that the residence would continue to thrive after he left. Paul has been a dedicated leader who has set an excellent example of courtesy and integrity and he will be missed.

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