Green Ribbon Awards Logo Leaves


The 2017 Green Ribbon Awards nomination period is now open!

The Green Ribbon Awards recognize outstanding achievements in campus sustainability. Each year, one award to an individual or group is made in each of the five categories:



In celebration of the Sustainability Office’s 10th year, a new category was added – The Beth Savan Honourary Green Ribbon Award. Beth Savan, Senior Lecturer Emeritus, School of the Environment, has been an integral part, not only of the formation of the Sustainability Office, but of general sustainability on campus.

Awards are made for the nominee’s direct contribution to the minimization of negative impacts on the environment, the conservation of natural resources, or the promotion of biodiversity on campus. Alternatively, their contribution may have increased awareness of the need for environmentally sustainable behaviour, encouraged and assisted members of the university community to adopt more environmentally sustainable behaviour, or helped establish a campus culture allowing this to happen.



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