Landscape of Landmark Quality Innovative Design Competition

Sep 29th, 2015 | Posted In : Reports,Updates

The University of Toronto has initiated a project to revitalize the major public spaces of its historic St. George campus.

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the St. George Campus is a historic academic and public environment that is enjoyed by thousands of students, faculty, visitors and residents each day.

Gradual changes to the campus over many decades have resulted in a landscape that falls short of its potential as a vibrant and significant series of public spaces, commensurate with the established institutional status of the University.

The Landmark website is intended to provide current information on ongoing work to revitalize this Landscape of Landmark Quality, and to engage you in the process.

Entries to the Landscape of Landmark Quality Innovative Design Competition have been received and were presented at a public forum on Monday, September 28th.

Please visit the Landmark site, where you can view all of the entries and let us know what you think by filling in our Online Survey.